Portuguese Atelier Mytto Delivers Sumptuous Curved Sofas, Armchairs & More

Mytto respects and re-interprets the rich artisan heritage of its home base in Porto, Portugal. "We combine the old crafts with new design in unique ways, all within a short radius, and all in Portugal," says Nuno Freitas, a furniture consultant with Mytto. The atelier's talented creative team approaches classic midcentury silhouettes from a contemporary perspective, and whether a sofa, armchair, or chaise, each contemporary Mytto piece is made to order by local makers deeply devoted to their craft. Long-established European handicraft techniques guide the meticulous production process. Clients can personalize many elements of the furniture, from finish to upholstery, and though sustainably handcrafted, most pieces are delivered within four to six weeks. 

Sustainability means more than responsibly sourcing raw materials and minimizing industrial waste, Freitas explains. It involves a commitment to quality and artistic vision. "We don't create by hand only for our clients, but also for the inherent quality and distinctiveness of handmade pieces, as opposed to machine-made," he says. "The luxury and originality of our designs are two of the best vehicles to achieve sustainability." Freitas sees enduring designs that can be passed on to future generations as the raison d'etre behind the high-end furniture business. "For some crafts to stand the test of time, they need to be dignified and rewarded accordingly," he says. 

Mytto's furniture is designed by two upcoming figures in contemporary Portuguese art direction, architecture, and interiors — Nelson de Araújo and Pedro Ferreira. Below, De Araújo and Ferreira talk about the sofas and chairs they designed for Mytto, and the remarkable details of each piece.

Read the full interview in: https://www.incollect.com/articles/imaginative-midcentury-sofas-lounge-chairs-hand-crafted-in-portugal


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