We pride ourselves in knowing the source of the raw materials we use, and choose the most environmentally friendly options when it comes to materials finishes and packaging. But, nowadays, to preserve true craftsmanship, that is not enough. We also need to conduct business in a sustainable way: in a way that delivers value to everyone involved in a fair manner, that dignifies all workers, and that organizes work around invention and ingenuity instead of repetition and machinery.


Develop our community: We source goods and services from local suppliers rather than those located far away. We are able to lower out transport cost and environmental footprint, promote synergies, respond quicker to new requests, and share years of local experience.


Know our raw materials: We buy goods that are manufactured in a sustainable fashion, do not contain toxic materials or ozone-depleting substances, can be recycled and/or are produced from recycled materials, are made from renewable materials, do not make use of excessive packaging, and are designed to last for years.


Create value to reward craftsmanship, so new generations are interested in preserving the old ways of doing things: We believe that unique design requiring true craftsmanship has value, and that distributing that value fairly will keep our art alive for many years to come.


Combine technology with craftsmanship: We now allow employees to share and access information from anywhere to reduce travel costs, carbon emissions and printing costs. There is no need to purchase and maintain expensive, power- intensive servers, to attend all exhibitions, or print that technical specification to make some changes. In short, we are in love with what we do, our community, our country and ultimately the planet we all call home.