A Commitment to Sustainability

Over 60% of our waste is recycled

All machines used in the production process have mechanisms to collect any wood waste, such as sawdust, wood chips, and bark so that they can be made available later for recycling purposes and creation of new raw materials such as plywood, MDFs and agglomerates. Find out more in the video below.

Leather and fabrics leftovers are provided to the fashion and footwear industries.

The wood surplus goes to a recycling unit which makes composite boards such as MDF and OSB fibreboards from it.

Cardboard, paper and protective plastic, all is recycled.

More Responsible & More Efficient

Acquiring raw materials

Despite the complexity, we have and a rigorous control for each raw material that enters our production process.

We do not use illegally harvested or exploited wood in which violates traditional and civil rights, always requesting our supplier's certificates of provenance.

We only source wood that comes from responsibly managed forests. Forest management meets a demanding set of requirements and principles appropriate to the environment and society, as determined by international standards.

Our vision of sustainability also includes a commitment to actively encourage all partners and clients to practice sustainable actions.

About 38% of mainland Portugal is forested: the predominant species being maritime pine - Pinus pinaster.

An environmental managed forest in holds the maintenance of its biodiversity, productivity, and its ecological processes.

Find out more by watching our video below.